Building a Custom Mountain Home Should Be with Someone You Trust

The Tandem Custom Builder team believes that your home should reflect your personal tastes while blending beautifully with all the surroundings that nature can provide. From the warm hardwoods of your flooring to the rare stone selections for your amazing grand entryway, your custom home must be a reflection of you. Tandem works very closely with you to bring the best options inside your budget while giving you the freedom to make key decisions at the right times in the project.

The Details Mean a Lot

When you wake up with the early dawn of morning light, what do you want to see outside your kitchen window when you are eating breakfast?

When you have family or guests visiting, what kind of materials in the family room will cut down on noise and not echo off the high ceilings?

When you cozy up and prepare for the first snow of Winter, how many fireplaces should keep you warm at night?

With Tandem, we ask the questions that matter in the end, after everything is said and done. Building a custom home is not easy. It takes experience and precision that few have. But all our expert know-how doesn’t mean much if in the end, you really wish your counters were 2 inches lower and your office never sees any sunlight. We work with you closely and devise ways to modify or enhance the master architectural plans so they are centered with real life.

After all, you are the ones that are going to be living there. Everything should be just about perfect.

Communication Is Key

With decades of experience in building custom homes in Telluride and Colorado, we’ve learned that perhaps our best skill is communicating directly with our clients. A complex project has no room for guesses or assumptions. We take pride in our logical and direct style of communication.

As the reality of building a custom home sets into place, you will likely experience many emotions as your home is constructed. What appears to be a major problem with the stone work on the grand stairway is actually easily solved by our experienced team.

Our job is not to dismiss your concern, but to explain the issues and the solution before things become a surprise. This is really where trust is paramount to our process. A large home can take many months to build and finish and vital communication is essential to making the process smooth and rewarding. It’s why Tandem has its name. We work together.

We welcome the opportunity to hear your ideas and make your dream mountain home a reality.